The Humane Society of the United States and its CEO Wayne Pacelle are not happy with our new organization or education campaign. In fact, Wayne has been doing dozens of interviews with reporters trying to discredit our efforts. Many of his claims are false and misleading, and are done in an effort to obfuscate the real issues. If you are a reporter talking to Wayne or an HSUS spokesperson, here are four questions you should ask:

  • If HSUS is not associated with local shelters, and says that they make it clear to potential donors, why would national polling demonstrate otherwise? Why would a poll of shelter professionals also demonstrate an overwhelming impression that HSUS fundraising is misleading?
  • If our organization is “phony” and fraudulent, why aren’t we asking for any donations from the public? We are simply directing potential donors to their local shelter.
  • If HSUS is not benefiting from people’s misperception of them, our efforts shouldn’t affect their fundraising or their image. Why then, are they so upset?
  • Wayne claims that our organization is somehow linked to, or funded by Puppy Mills or Seal Hunting (?!)—both of these claims are absolutely false. If Wayne says this to you, ask for the proof.