• Shelter Assistance Grant Program
    Through this program, non-profit organizations from all across the country will have an opportunity to apply for support in three separate categories: fundraising ads, credit card processing, and website design and hosting.
  • Guides for Shelters and Rescues
    Want tips on enriching dogs’ environments? Not sure how to get a warrant? Doing spay/neuter abroad? See our tip sheets on these issues and more, written by experienced members of the shelter/rescue community.
  • Guides for (New) Pet Owners
    Did you just welcome a new pet into your home? Thinking about adopting? Wondering which breed is right for you? Browse these short guides below created just for new pet owners and those thinking about becoming pet owners!
  • Find a Local Shelter to Support
    Use our national database of animal shelters to find a local shelter or humane society to support.
  • Facts and Statistics about Animal Shelters
    No national statistical database for pet issues exists. Advocacy groups estimate various figures for pet shelter statistics. For example, the ASPCA estimates that 5-7 million animals enter shelters each year, while the American Humane Association puts the figure at approximately 8 million animals.
  • Resources for Shelter Professionals
    Every day, pet shelter professionals are on the front lines protecting and caring for animals. Find out how shelter professionals can help get the word out about the need to support local pet shelters.
  • Resources for Veterinarians 
    Pet lovers look to their vet for care and advice. Find out how veterinarians can help educate pet lovers about the need to support local pet shelters.
  • Videos
    Want to learn more about compassion fatigue, invisible violence, or encounters with different kinds of animals? Watch our educational (and brief) videos.