• Why are you reaching out to veterinary medicine?
    Veterinary medicine is a truly white-hat profession. As a veterinarian, you’ve earned a place of special stature in your community. There’s a reason studies rank your profession among the highest on scales of trust and integrity. You’re admired for devoting your life to animal health and know you are sworn by professional oath to “work toward the prevention and relief of animal suffering.” And as a veterinarian, you understand the scope and depth of this problem like few others.
  • As a veterinarian, what can I do?
    Practicing veterinary medicine is a demanding job. We realize there are only so many hours in a day, so we’re not asking for your time or money. But remember, people look up to you, and they respect your judgment. You can do a lot by just spreading the word about the importance of “giving local” in everyday conversations with your clients and friends in the community. You have the power to make an enormous impact in solving this problem.
  • Will HSUS be upset with me for helping the Humane Society for Shelter Pets?
    We don’t think so. HSUS respects the vital role you play in society. They know you are a doctor committed to helping animals at a level much more fundamental than their own. We believe they will support whatever you do that helps prevent and relieve animal suffering in shelters in your community and across the country. And who can argue against the fact that shelter animals need more help?