CatMedicalMay is Preventive Pet Healthcare Month sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association. There are several things you can do to prevent health problems for your pet now to protect your pet and your budget. It is less costly to prevent disease when you can but it’s certainly better than having a sick family member.

  • Look into Pet Insurance to cover emergency vet bills
  • Vaccinate your pet for communicable diseases, especially if you frequent the dog park or have visiting pets
  • Prevent parasites with heartworm and flea and tick treatments
  • Arrest dental disease with routine teeth cleaning and polishing and daily dental care
  • Grooming your pet exposes skin problems and keeps coat in great condition
  • Be in touch with your vet at least annually about new vaccines or screening that you might want to plan for next year
  • Neuter your pet to prevent reproductive disorders which includes some annoying behavior like urine marking indoors.
  • Obedience classes can prevent some unwanted behavior that poses a health risk to your pet, such as failing to come to you when you call.

Shelters practice preventive medicine every day by providing the treatments above to homeless animals. In some cases, shelters hold clinics for low income pet owners or for rabies control. You might also check with your local kennel club or dog trainer for upcoming events. If you are not sure how to find these enter your zip code at and a list of rescues and shelters in your area is a great place to start.