Have You Protected Your Pet from Heartworm?

April is Heartworm Prevention Month. In the spring, ice on ponds recedes, allowing small frogs and mosquitoes to move in. As aggravating as “skeeters” are to humans, they pose a real health risk to dogs and on rare occasions cats. … Continue reading

Marshal Donations at Your Office

Ever received a “combined giving” packet at work? Many companies offer employees a chance to give at the office. Non governmental charities such as United Way can receive your donations through your employers payroll accounting. It’s also possible that local … Continue reading

Preventive Pet Healthcare

May is Preventive Pet Healthcare Month sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association. There are several things you can do to prevent health problems for your pet now to protect your pet and your budget. It is less costly to prevent … Continue reading

Preparing for Spring

March is the time to prepare for spring (even if it doesn’t feel like it outside yet). The return of sunshine and growing plants means the return of insects. Heartworms and Lyme disease, transmitted by insects, are serious illnesses that … Continue reading

Battling Pet Obesity in a Shelter Setting

Do shelters have to worry about obesity in adoptable pets? Absolutely. We either admit pets with a pre-existing weight problem or we create one by keeping animals in small enclosures and showering them with love in the form of delicious … Continue reading

Is Your Pet Ready for Swimsuit Season?

Spring Break is coming and many of us are concerned about our bathing suit readiness. We are not alone. Our companion animals, particularly dogs, cats and horses, are weathering the same winter storm. Nutritionists have made it clear that fat … Continue reading

Obesity: Not Just a People Problem

Obesity is a major epidemic in the United States. Everywhere you turn there’s a new story out about just how fat we, as a nation, have become, and what we need to do to reverse this disturbing trend. Many public … Continue reading

Love is Fur Ever

It’s that time of year when your sweetheart is bound to be wondering whether you’ll make a commitment. We hope you do. And we also hope your intended is homeless! Many shelters offer wonderful Valentine’s Day adoption promotions, so this … Continue reading

Shelter Dogs on the Rise!

Recently the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) released the results of their extensive study of U.S. pet ownership and demographics for 2012. This study, which covers everything from statistics on the most pet-loving states to the percentage of people who … Continue reading

Why We Don’t Raise Money from You

We receive many emails from readers asking how they can donate to us. Our response is this: Please don’t give to us, but support your local shelter instead with supplies, money, or volunteer time. You can use our shelter locator … Continue reading

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