The Humane Society of the United States is the wealthiest animal rights group in America. There’s a lot of confusion about what HSUS is and isn’t.

According to recent polling, most Americans think HSUS is an “umbrella group” for pet shelters, that HSUS is affiliated with their local humane societies, or that HSUS gives most of its money to pet shelters.

These are false perceptions of HSUS.

HSUS donates one percent of its budget to organizations sheltering pets, according to its most recent tax return. And HSUS does not run any pet shelters of its own. Most of the care HSUS provides is in the form of spay/neuter surgeries or subsidies for such procedures, not long-term sheltering.

However, HSUS does little to correct the common misconception that it’s a national “humane society” or umbrella group. The vast majority of the animals featured in its ads are dogs and cats, even though HSUS does little in the way of sheltering pets. HSUS preys on Americans’ natural love for pets and spends donations in far different ways.

Pet shelters don’t have the resources to compete with HSUS’s ability to spend nearly $50 million each year on fundraising.

Unlike HSUS, the Humane Society for Shelter Pets’ singular mission is supporting local pet shelters and humane societies.